Darly Mosley

Daryl Mosley has been singing traditional American Music his whole life. His Music is rooted in the small country churches of rural Tennessee and is part of a strong family tradition. “Momma would play piano for our congregation of around 35 people,” Mosley says. “By the time I was 11 or so, I was singing solos while she played for me”. By 16 he was on stage as a regular at the Loretta Lynn ranch playing piano, bass and guitar. In 1989, Daryl began his 10-year tenure as the lead singer and principal songwriter with the award winning bluegrass gospel quartet New Tradition.

After a decade of full time touring, Daryl left New Tradition and accepted an opportunity from music legend the Osborne Brothers, and spent the next 8 years as a part of the world famous Grand Ole Opry in Nashville. Daryl has one of the finest, traditional country voices we’ve heard. When he sits down to play his songs…alone with his guitar or with any size musical entity…it seems like the music just falls out of his mouth. He’s one of those people that is an artist in the truest sense of the word in that what he does is universal and completely accessible by anyone.

His songs are equally pure and simple. They are the songs of the common man in the tradition of Merle Haggard, Johnny Cash and Dottie Rambo. Gospel music legend Bill Gather called Daryl “A poet…and we don’t have many poets left.” In 2006 Daryl’s song “Ask the Blind Man, He Saw It All” won every major Southern Gospel award there was to win, including Song of the Year at the SoGospelNews.com awards, The Diamond Awards, the prestigious Southern Gospel Music Suild, and the Singing News Fan Awards during the Quartet Convention in Louisville.

Daryl writes traditional songs about life – how it is, was, or might have been. From the typical what-was-I-thinking song “The ‘L’ Word” to the beautifully poetic “Sweet Southern Temple” to the Vince Gill tinged ballad “Half Past You”, his songs are well-crafted and sound like old friends that have been around forever.

We are honored to have Daryl Mosley as part of the Off Row Records family.

Latest release

Raise My Voice is an album of 12 songs - only one of which Kira didn't write. It's soulful and deep and it's better than the last one. Songs range from anthemic ("I Will Raise My Voice") to smoldering sass ("Say My Name" "You Gonna Regret Losing Me") to sweet smoothness ("It's So Good") to stank groove ("I Ain't Never") There's even one called "Hootchie Mama".