Michele Rahmani  

Michele attended the College for Recording Arts in San Francisco from 1984-1986 and graduated with a degree in Music Business and Audio Engineering. Afterwards, she worked at Little Huey Music (Huey Lewis’ publishing company), Was a backup engineer with Fred Catero (Santana and The Grateful Dead) and served an internship at Fantasy Studios, San Francisco, CA and Hyde Street Studios and Lucas Films.

In 1986 Michele moved to Nashville to work with John Denny, co-owner of Cederwood Music and The Denny Music Group as copyright manager and studio manager/engineer.

In 1992, she became studio manager for Music Row Audio a world class recording studio in the heart of Music Row. From 1995-1999 she was Copyright Manager for Milsap Galbraith Music. In 1999, Michel became Copyright Manager for Bruce Dees Music (Gerry Bruce Music, ASCAP and NOTKINTORICK Music, BMI) and Production Co-coordinator for producer Bruce Dees.